Incident Site Controller

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General information about Incident Site Controller (OER108)

Target GroupEmergency response personnel assigned on-scene leadership/ coordinating responsibilities. The course meets the requirements of Norwegian Oil & Gas.

ObjectiveTo provide the participants with the basic knowledge and skills required to lead and coordinate resources in an emergency response situation.

Course Contents

  • Organising the incident site.
  • Communication with line managers and emergency response management.
  • Stress and crisis management.
  • Planning of emergency response training and exercises.

  • Assessing the situation.
  • Resource deployment and giving orders.
  • Securing and normalising the accident site.

PrerequisitesBasic Safety Training
Participated as an observator on Search and rescue course the practical part of the training, which is minimum 2 days or Search and rescue basic course.

ExaminationTheoretical, written exam

2 1/2 days
Approved by
Norwegian Oil and Gass Association